What’s On My Shelf (age 0-9 months)

Hi, friends! We all know that the “parenting” section at Barnes and Noble is overwhelming, and yet– there is much wisdom in many of those books! So, I wanted to start a little series called, “What’s On My Shelf?”, telling you which books I found helpful. This first post will tell you about the books I’ve read that have really made an impact on me. I am a big reader and honestly will read anything I can get my hands on, but these are the ones that actually changed the way I parent. They are in order, based on the age. So, if you’re following along with your own little newborn, start at the top!

1. Happiest Baby on the Block: I read this while I was in my final months of pregnancy. My husband did, as well. And thank goodness! We literally used the “shhing” technique from hour 1 of Thad’s life and it always worked when all else failed. Just look at that swaddle! That swaddle deserves an award.


 2. Babywise: You know what will make you a really good parent? SLEEP! And the earlier your baby sleeps for long stretches, the happier you will be and the happier baby will be. Thad was sleeping through the night by week 7, thanks to this book.


3. The Vaccine Book: This book will help you understand the pros and cons of each vaccine that your child will be given. It gives you both sides of the story, and even gives you a couple options for alternative vaccine schedules, if you’re interested in that.

4. Bringing up Bebe: I am currently reading this book but I love it too much not to include it. It is definitely helping me understand how to Thad needs structure and also love. Plus, it’s hilarious.

5. The Wonder Weeks: This is also an ongoing read, because you read it as your child ages. There is an App that goes with it that is super helpful. It explains that your child goes through brain growth spurts, just like regular growth spurt. With each leap, baby learns something new or goes through something new– for instance, one week he may just begin to see color. That would freak me out, too!


I hope this list helps you all as you navigate the first year of your baby’s life! It is the most wonder-filled, beautiful, exhausting time ever.