Switching to Marquette

After WAY TOO MUCH necessitated abstinence, and constant “fertile signs”, we decided to give another method of NFP a try. It says a lot about NFP politics that it took us that long. It seems to me that every method touts their way as “the best.” So we hadn’t even heard of Marquette, until I posted something on a NFP facebook group. So far, it hasn’t helped… but I have hope. Marquette Method uses the ClearBlue Fertility Monitor to measure your LH and Estrogen hormones. In that way, it determines your “peak”. After that peak (plus 3 days for safety), you are free to use the rest of the month! FREEDOMMMMMM! So what happens if it doesn’t read a “peak”? That is precisely what happened to me last month. It basically means a loss of about $30 (each stick is about $1.50 and if you test for 20 days…) and an entire month of abstinence. However, there are several things I did “wrong” that I think messed up the monitors reading. So, that is why I’m hopeful. I’m on day 5 of my current cycle, so testing begins again tomorrow. fingers crossed!

P.S. Marquette considers the first 5 days of your cycle infertile (assuming you had a confirmed peak last cycle). So we are able to use those days! AMAZING!


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