My new normal

It’s my second day back and I’m getting used to our new rhythm. In a lot of ways it actually isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I am going over to the daycare to feed T twice a day (we share a parking lot so it is very close) so that makes it indescribably easier. I had to take a paycut, though, in order to take these breaks. I would have had to take this cut even if I was pumping. I know it’s illegal but I can’t do anything about it until I get a new job.

Nursing in our little room at his daycare.

Nursing in our little room at his daycare.

On the positive side, I am actually liking having some routine in my life, which I never expected. But then there is the fact that I don’t get to see him smile nearly as much. What if he starts smiling for his caretakers more than me? He is pretty much tuckered out for the night by the time we pick him up at 5:30, so it feels like we dot get any quality time together. How do you mamas out there handle this? How do you compensate?


2 responses to “My new normal

  1. You have a good attitude despite having what sounds like a tough work situation, plus being so new back to work. Way to go! After he settles in he won’t find daycare so exhausting, and as he gets a little older you might be able to push his bedtime back a little bit to squeeze out more time. You’ll figure it out, I promise! Keep dinner time simple, organized, and pre-prepared so you don’t have to waste precious “awake” moments with intense cooking. And don’t worry, even though he might share some smiles with his caregivers (because you want him in a place he’s happy, of course!) nobody will ever bring him more joy (or elicit those full-blown crazy big smiles) than mama. I hope it continues to go okay!

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