Leaving my baby

Today is my last day of maternity leave. I would do anything for another week, another day. It seems so unfair. Right when we got in a good groove, that’s when it have to go and change it all up again. I’m finally at a point where I know my baby well- I know why he is crying and I know how to solve it. There isn’t any terrible screaming that I don’t know how to stop anymore. He is just getting cuter and cuter… Smiling all the time… And I have to leave him. How will I do it? I don’t want to do it.

can't we just stay here, snuggled in bed?

can’t we just stay here, snuggled in bed?

It makes it all the more terrible that I’m going back into a horrid work environment. The LAST thing I want to do is learn an entirely new job that I never signed up for. How can they hire me to be a bookkeeper and then 2 years in decide to just completely change my job to volunteer coordinator?! It’s a bully tactic, and to be honest, it’s working.

Guys, I need prayers. Lots and lots of prayers. For a better job, a better situation. For a strong heart and supernatural energy. Pray with me?


3 responses to “Leaving my baby

  1. Oh, mama, that sounds so tough. I pray that you have sweet moments during your time with the little one and that you find facets of your new job that inspire you. Hang in there!

  2. Gosh it sounds like you’re really not looking forward to going back. That doesn’t sound good that your job has changed so dramatically. Are you still doing the bookkeeping too?

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