Hi, Sprout!!

Baby Sprout is here! He arrived July 12– 8 days AFTER my due date– at a whopping 9 lbs 5 oz. I’ve been writing our birth story and I will post that soon… It’s been really hard to get through, though. It was definitely traumatic for me, both emotionally and physically.

welcome, sweetie!

welcome, sweetie!

So here we go again, on this NFP journey. They say that for the first 56 days post-partum, if you exclusively breastfeed, you are infertile. Well, we are coming to the end of that little grace period and I have to say… I’m terrified. I’m terrified that I will get pregnant again immediately. Just coming off being pregnant, and after such a hard pregnancy and delivery, I am very much NOT ready. So we will be extremely careful– as careful as possible– but the whole point with NFP is that we are trusting God’s will for our family. We know from first hand experience that if we are meant to be pregnant, we will be pregnant. Like I said… Terrifying.

There is one great comfort to me, though, and that is our little love, Thaddeus. He is the living proof that God’s plan is good. He is living proof that God’s plan is more beautiful and wonderful than I could ever imagine. So even though it is the hardest thing, here we go again, trusting God’s plan.


3 responses to “Hi, Sprout!!

  1. Dorothy

    Hi! I came across your blog through google. Is that weird? I was searching for Creighton model stuff.

    I just read your last several posts, and our stories are very similar! My husband and I were married last October, and I was fertile on our wedding day, as well! We decided to not abstain though (I was conceived during my parents honeymoon) and we discerned that we shouldn’t wait. Well…we got pregnant. However, tragically lost our baby when I was 6 weeks. Because we had already been ready in our hearts, we decided to conceive again, and we were pregnant again by early January! I’m 40 weeks now and still waiting for the little one!

    I’m looking forward to reading your blog! I have been playing with the idea of starting one myself.

    Congratulations on the arrival of your babe!

    God Bless.

    • Hi Dorothy! That’s so cool that you found my blog like that… When I was starting out I couldn’t find anything like it which is why I created it so I’m so glad you found me 🙂 wow– what an amazing story!! I’m so happy for you guys!! It’s so hard to get to that 40 week mark… I hope baby comes soon for you!! Hang in there 🙂 I definitely think you should start a blog- I would LOVE to read it! And yes– we are in Richmond! My husband is from here and his family is all here so we moved here about 2 years ago! I absolutely love it.

      Thanks for following along and good luck to you and your hubby! The best is yet to come 🙂

  2. Also…I don’t want to sound like a creeper either, but I noticed on your below page that the women’s physical therapy you mentioned is in Richmond?? That’s my hometown!! We were married in Powhatan at St. John Neumann! Long story short though, we’re living all the way in Houston, TX now!

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