Last night, I took a big ol’ step out of my comfort zone. I went to women’s health physical therapy. When I told my OB that sex was STILL unwaveringly painful, she decided to send me to these folks to see if they could help. We’re going to work on strengthening my pelvic floor muscles (who knew those existed?) and hopefully the PT will be able to decipher what the heck is wrong with me! Its kind of scary to do for some reason… I want so badly for sex to be painless, yet it still makes me feel so vulnerable to walk in and hand my problems over to someone else.

In other news, I am 22 weeks and baby Sprout is growing like mad! It is extremely hard to believe that I am more than halfway through the pregnancy… I guess now is the time to start decorating the nursery and stocking up on diapers?  I still haven’t heard from my employeer what my maternity leave will look like, and honestly, I am getting sort of worried. As a company, we haven’t gotten short-term disability insurance and now that I am pregnant, I will be considered a “pre-exisiting” condition. How that will be resolved, I have yet to be told. Our company is too small to qualify for FMLA, so I have literally no protection. I’m at the mercy of my employer. So, the amount of leave my company gives me will definitely determine how long I get to stay at home with Sprout. Even 6 weeks seems like an awfully short time! Have any of you gone through this? How long were you given and did it feel like enough? Anyone else pissed that the US is the last country to get on the paid-leave bandwagon?