Allergic to… estrogen?

Did you know that hormones effect allergies? At work one day, I was discussing my allergies- which are quite severe- with my boss. Which led to her bringing up the fact that pregnancy makes them worse (its an all female office…). For the past two weeks, I have been suffering with crazy crappy allergies. The kind that make you sound like a dog, because you’re constantly trying to clear your nose. Sniff. Sniff.

Last night was the worst. I could barely SWALLOW, ya’ll. My whole face was one big puff ball, and I could not breathe out of my nose even a tiny bit. I broke down… weeping… out of frustration and exhaustion. Welp, this morning I looked at my chart, and low and behold, I am about to ovulate. Which means… my hormones are getting really high– estrogen especially! Who knew… but this often means that allergies will get worse! (source)

This is what I love about the Creighton Method. I know what is happening in my body. I am beginning to understand those implications. Does anyone else suffer from crazy allergies around their ovulation?


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